Video Production

With the huge presence of video on the internet especially with the dominance of Youtube and Vimeo, some businesses find the importance of video for their websites to help further their reputation. For others it is an enhancement of their message, regardless of your needs we have the ideal solution for you. 

Our production team has over 15 years experience offering a range of different services to produce the perfect results for our clients. We have filmed Voyages, Lectures, Art Galleries, Museums and Interviews. Our work over the years have covered areas such as school projects to Promotional videos for the Charity sector.

Our Projects Include (Depending on the size of job)

  • A full team of camera and sound engineers
  • Full HD Sony Video Cameras
  • Full Lighting Equipment
  • Full Sound and Audio equipment
  • Post Production and Editing Team



We have a whole team that specialise in animation, really bringing projects to life or to simply have a whole animated video perfect for tutorials/ staff videos or even promotional material.